9 Inch Springform Pan
Circulon Nonstick Bakeware

9-Inch Springform Pan

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Unmold delicate desserts for a perfect presentation with the Circulon Nonstick Bakeware 9-Inch Springform Pan. This specialty pan holds the promise of light and tasty pumpkin cheesecake or a savory, low-fat Havarti cheese and sun-dried tomato torte. The detachable bottom and collar expands or tightens with the clips on the pan's side: just unlatch the clips so delicate treats easily remove from the pan. With heavy-duty carbon steel construction, the springform pan provides uniform heat distribution, with rolled pan edges for extra strength and long-lasting warp resistance. The TOTAL® Food Release System combines raised circles with PFOA-free premium nonstick for a surface that reduces abrasion and is both metal utensil safe and easy to clean. Oven safe to 450°F, the springform pan provides exceptional baking performance. Combine this pan with other items from the Circulon collection to enhance your healthy baking solutions.

Create light, beautiful, show-stopping cheesecakes, tortes, and other desserts with the Circulon Nonstick Bakeware 9-Inch Springform Pan.

Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty
Oven Temperature: 450 degrees
Interior Surface: Nonstick
Size: 9 Inches
Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel

What is it?

A metal commonly used in bakeware manufacturing. To prevent rusting, carbon steel must be 'aluminized', or coated with nonstick, tin or enamel.

How is it useful?

It’s strong and heavy, so carbon steel pans are durable and hold their shapes well.

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